Stephen Furst

Chairman and Founder
After having a very successful long running career as an actor, Stephen founded Curmudgeon Films. As an actor he starred in many features, TV movies, and series. Stephen is best known for his role as the lovable naive freshman Flounder in the the iconic hit comedy ANIMAL HOUSE. He also starred in the very successful comedy, THE DREAM TEAM along with Michael Keaton. In the world of TV he starred in many TV movies including the prestigious mini series, THE DAY AFTER with Jason Robards. Stephen has starred in two long running series, The multi Emmy nominated medical drama, St. Elsewhere and the Sci-Fi award winning series BABYLON 5. Stephen along with his company Curmudgeon Films have produced and/or directed the highly successful picture MY SISTER’S KEEPER, starring Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin. Curmudgeon has produced several independent title such as COLD MOON, TITLE TO MURDER, MAGIC KID, and BABY HUEY. Curmudgeon has also produced several TV films such as THE TENTH CIRCLE,LAKE PLACID, DRAGON STORM, and STRATOSPHERE. Curmudgeon film is set to produce several more films in the rest of 2016 and 2017 in a wide variety of genes, including Family, Drama, Holiday, and Thriller.

Griff Furst

Chairman and CFO
Griff Furst is vice president of Curmudgeon Films. He, like his father is an accomplished actor and has co-starred in films like TRUMBO with Bryan Cranston, FOCUS with Will Smith, and I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS with Jim Carey. He has starred in several TV films and series like, BANSHEE, THE RED ROSE, BONNIE AND CLYDE, and SLEEPY HOLLOW. Griff has produced or directed more than 25 features and TV films including the recent COLD MOON which he wrote, directed, and produced. He is all lined up to produce Curmudgeon’s upcoming three features which are in pre-production and development.

Eric Feig

Eric has a rich and well-rounded career of entertainment transactional experience. For over twenty years,he has represented a wide variety of Academy Award winning producers, top Hollywood and international screenwriters, actors, directors, producers and production companies, in the areas of film, television, book publishing, new media, mobile content, licensing and merchandising.